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Vegetarian food in Turkey : A Delight

Being a Vegetarian may sometimes be difficult especially in a country which is famous for its Kebabs and Shawarma. After our unplanned trip to Russia where we faced loads of problem related to Vegetarian food, we decided to do our homework before traveling to Turkey and decided to write this post in order to help Veggie lovers.

Turkey is a meat loving country, but to our surprise there are many Turkish dishes which were meat free. Turkish vegetarian food is cheap and delicious. Here is our quick food guide for Turkish vegetarian cuisine:

Turkish Breakfast:

Turkish Breakfast which is known as ‘kahvalti ‘, consists of fresh cheese, olives, cucumbers, fruit slices, fruit preserves (jams), butter, freshly baked bread, butter which is served with black coffee, sometimes the breakfast also consists of boiled eggs or omelette.