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Airbnb new hosted “experience” review

Airbnb is one of the best sites for bookings and I can vouch for this as a frequent traveler. I have been using this site for the last 4 years and it made traveling a lot more convenient. I don’t have to get into the hassle of budgeting my stays because of its available on a platter for me.

Recently Airbnb has introduced experiences, and I was very excited at the prospect of taking these experiences.

So what are these experiences?

Airbnb wants to go beyond the Homestays so they introduced Experience or shall I say Local experience. Visiting any place gets all the more exciting when we have a local host who would give us an insight into that particular place.

I booked my First Airbnb Experience for Osaka.

Experience name:  Snap Osaka

Experience Inclusions: Walking tour to Kohama shopping street, visiting Sumiyoshi Park and Sumiyoshi Shrine, and getting yourself clicked by the Photoguide Manabu Akamatsu (our Local Host), and sampling some local dishes.

Duration: 2 hours (10 am- 12am)

So here goes my Review:

We met our Local host (Manu) at the train station; from there he took us to our First stop.

Red Bridge of Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine
Red Bridge of Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine

Our First stop was Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine. It is the famous shrine of Osaka and lies in the non-touristy, which gave us more knowledge of the native life. As we entered the shrine, Manu started explaining us the importance of that Shrine, he also clarified us about the structures & the sacred objects of the shrine, furthermore guided us with its significance in Japanese culture and also gave us chance to participate in them.

He explained to us about each and every area about the Shrine.

Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine
Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine


View of Lanterns inside Shrine
View of Lanterns inside Shrine

After spending about an hour we went to our second stop which was Sumiyoshi Park. The park is said to be the oldest park of Osaka and is renowned for its bridge or as in Japanese it’s called “ Bashi”. The park was adjacent to the shrine, from where we also got the glimpse of Sumiyoshi Takadoro Lighthouse.


Sumiyoshi Park
Sumiyoshi Park
Beautiful white Camelia Flower

Our next and last stop were Kohama shopping street, the shopping street was mainly for locals. To our shock, the cost of the items was very low out there. From the shopping street, we got for ourselves couple of  Japanese snacks which was recommended by Manu along with some green tea packets after sampling few. Towards the end, Manu got for us Famous Japanese sweet, Mochi and Kaitenyaki.

Kohama shopping street, Osaka
Kohama shopping street, Osaka
Trying custard filled Kaitenyaki, P.C. Manu
Trying custard filled Kaitenyaki, P.C. Manu

 Would I use Airbnb for experience Again?

You can’t always visit those touristic place, these experience give you a good insight of locals life. After all, we all are not tourists, some of us are travelers who like experiencing the country for real. Therefore we will surely like to take more such hosted experience through Airbnb.


One of our best experience in Japan
One of our best experience in Japan

About host (Manu)

Manu is an amazing guide! He is a talented conversationalist, knowledgeable & very accommodating.  He has answered all our questions very patiently and was very excited to teach us about Japanese culture. I would definitely recommend taking a photo guide tour from Manu.


Manu our Host and Photoguide
Manu our Host and Photoguide

Manu is a great guide and not to forgot he will take your amazing snaps and leave you with awesome memories.

You can also reach Manu Directly on:




39 thoughts on “Airbnb new hosted “experience” review

  1. Always thought if I were in Japan my first destination will be Tokyo electronic hub. But after this article and Manu’s photographic work on his FB page , I have to change my mind.

    1. Manu is an amazing photo guide & host, Osaka wasn’t the part of our itinerary, but glad we did this Airbnb experience.

  2. It’s so true how some people are tourists whilst others are travellers. There is a huge difference. Manu sounds like a gem one would hope to meet whenever you are travelling

  3. Great article, i love airbnb and have meet some life long friends through it 🙂 defiantly gunna hit manu up when i visit osaka, looks like a champion! great read and enjoyable from start to finish! keep up the great work!

  4. Wow this is really a good idea AirBnB continuous to be innovative, this make us travellers easier and less stress about language barrier specially in some specific countries. Nice article 👌

  5. I love that AirBnB has added experiences now, it will certainly give travelers a unique perspective of cities. It looks like this one was definitely one to try! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I must be the only person who’s never used Airbnb! It’s great using a local guide who will take you to the non touristy areas. You’ve now persuaded me to use Airbnb! Fab post! : )

    1. If you are visiting then you should definitely give it a try, check out Manu’s personal link, he can also do a short photography tour to any other place as well apart from Osaka

  7. Manu looks like a pleasant guy who would do his best to accommodate a travelers’ needs. I guess Airbnb has been doing a good job and though i dont need to book on it as i have my own set of aggregated BnB’s (through BnBNation) to stay in but I have heard great reviews about Airbnb just like you did.

  8. wow what a great time you had, I personally love Airbnb you can find such amazing places. Really enjoyed looking at he photos too. Great share..

  9. This post gives me hope of experiencing a new culture as it is, with the locals. Seeing the beauty and appreciation from their perspective. Very informative and well written! 🙂

  10. Sounds like you had a great experience, I will definitely have a look at the Air B’n’B experiences when planning our future trips. Like you said, we do like to explore more local areas so having a local take us around would be great! thanks for sharing!

  11. The next time I travel I will try this out! The last time I travelled it was fun, but I was frustrated because it wasn’t planned out. I wish we would have had a guide to show us things that people don’t usually experience or know much about. Great post!

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