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Reason we fell in love with Kyoto

Although I am a city person, the countryside has always attracted me. When I decided my travel itinerary to Japan, I planned only 2 days in Kyoto. Trust me, even a month is less to see real Kyoto. Given a choice, I would love to spend my life in Kyoto. A city which is steeped in culture and where the echoes of past can be heard.

As soon as you step out of the ultra-modern Kyoto station, you will feel a Zen like calm in the air of Kyoto.

View of 'Kyoto Tower', from the city center
View of ‘Kyoto Tower’, from the city center


Airbnb new hosted “experience” review

Airbnb is one of the best sites for bookings and I can vouch for this as a frequent traveler. I have been using this site for the last 4 years and it made traveling a lot more convenient. I don’t have to get into the hassle of budgeting my stays because of its available on a platter for me.

Recently Airbnb has introduced experiences, and I was very excited at the prospect of taking these experiences. (more…)

Japan: Our perfect 9 days itinerary

The “Land of Rising Sun”, Japan is rather difficult to describe as it is a complex blend between ancient and modern world. A fast paced, non-stop life in Tokyo or Mountainous regions of ancient Kyoto, Japan leaves no stone unturned to surprise you. Japanese culture can be traced back to about a thousand years and boasts of rich traditions. Japan will make each day of your trip count. It would almost feel like an excavation, with new things coming up every day. (more…)