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  1. Hey guys, read your post on Georgia and had questions. I am planning to go to Georgia from Bangalore for about 10-12 days on a US B1 Visa. But I do not understand what to provide for the “proof of purpose of travel” apart from hotel bookings, flight itineraries. Do you guys know anything about this? How is it at immigration? Are they very strict and unreasonable? Do I have to produce detailed itineraries for everything?

    1. Hi Ramesh, we have been to Georgia for 11 days, we are holding UAE, resident visa and currently they have changed the visa rules and made it much simpler, Georgia is a beautiful country, and right now they are in phase of increasing their tourism, the hotel bookings and flight itineraries are just sufficient, they might not even ask for them, just keep the itinerary with you in case they ask for them, they are not at all strict and nice and like to welcome tourists.

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