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Georgia: Our 12 days Itinerary

We were desirous to travel to Georgia in 2014 but unfortunately at that time Georgian Government was in the process of changing their visa rules, owing to which we had to change our plans and hence traveled to Russia instead. Georgia was at that time not much known to Indians as a country and often they confused it with Georgia State in the US. Recently Georgia is into buzz and is pulling in popularity for tourism due to ease in visa rules. Soon after Georgia permitted visa free entry for stay up to 3 months for UAE residence holders, we were over joyous and began to plan our much awaited Georgia excursion. We planned our trip to be a blend of low pace with flavors of adventure. We planned a 12 day trip to Georgia starting with East and ending with the West part. Here is our 12 days brief itinerary of the various destinations we explored in Georgia: (more…)

Georgia: A hidden gem of Caucasus region

Georgia is one of the beautiful country lay in the Caucasus regions. The most awesome component of Georgia is its diverse landscapes encompassing the Grand Caucasus region, which is sprung from the west by the coast of Black sea to the shores of the Caspian Sea on its east, from the snowy summit of mount Shkhara to the lush green valley. Georgia unique positioning is set at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. (more…)

Mumbai: Persian ‘Gulp’!

..By:Aditya Neela Dilip Nimkar



My passion for two things is known to all, travelling and food. In fact, I am of the opinion that food is a journey in itself. There are several ingredients which travel from various corners of the world and mix with each other, become tastiest cuisine and get themselves served in your platter. For many among us, travelling is indulging in local delicacies. Surprisingly, not every land which has been a producer of a certain food item is best known for it’s preparation. A particular food item which has been a specialty of a particular country actually tastes better in some other corners of the world. Apart from noodles no food of Mainland China is popular worldwide, but if you travel to India, you will find Chinese food has become an integral part of Indian street food culture. But let me warn you, the Chinese food you eat at Indian streets has no Mandarin connection. It is collaborated with Indian spices and becomes a totally new dish. Chinese Bhel is popular dish in India, which is an Indian version of Indian food item ‘Bhel’ with help of Chinese ingredients. Well, if you are travelling to Mumbai ever, you should definitely visit Irani cafes.