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HAMPI : Poetry inscribed in boulders

15 March 2016

..By Aditya Nimkar

Hampi– a place where dreams are carved on the stones, History has an encounter with the contemporary world, a place where the tale of prosperity is inscribed in ruins that still stand tall revealing glories of the bygone age. Hampi not only boasts about a strong mythological background but it also takes pride in the cultural and historical significance that it holds. Erstwhile, this place was known as Kishkindha. As per the holy Indian epic Ramayana, Kishkinda was a kingdom of Vaanaras (Monkeys or forest- dwellers), birthplace of Hanuman, Baali and Sugreeva had fight and Shri Rama helped Sugreeva to become king.This is the same place where Shri Rama met another exemplary devotee Shabri, who used to dwell near Pampa Lake. The word ‘Hampi’ is derived from the word ‘Pampa’.



Dubai : Your 48 hours Itinerary

Dubai is one of the hottest tourist destinations, which offers a plethora of things to see and do, This city has  emerged from being a city of sandy dunes to a skyscraper marvel, with its world’s tallest building dominating the skyline of Dubai. It also boasts of the largest man-made island.

Dubai is mix of all nationalities & is a unique melting pot of international flavors accompanied by Arab hospitality.

Dubai is also a stopover destination and there are 2 ways to approach any stopover, either plan every sec or go with theflow, so here is what you can do in Dubai for 48 hours:


Pegasus Airline experience

First Pegasus Airline experience from Dubai to Turkey

For the sake of traveling more and at lower cost we try to cut down our costing as much as we can, so we decided to go by Pegasus airline, which is a low cost Turkish carrier airline, ticket to Istanbul was so cheap than other airline, that we couldn’t stop ourselves from booking it, but this airline is the perfect example of giving you service what you really paid for. So here is my first experience from Pegasus airline:


Flight interior